ELCAS NVQ Construction Courses

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We are proud to be an approved ELCAS training provider.  If you’re ex-armed services and working in a construction-related role then the ELCAS scheme provides funding for any of our construction related NVQs at Level 3 and above.  

If you’re looking to progress a career in construction site supervision/management or in construction contracting operations, then our NVQs are ideal to get you off to the best possible start.  

Our NVQs are designed for the house-building industry and over the years we’ve helped more than 6,000 people take the next step in their career. Studying for an NVQ with us will provide you with a whole host of useful skills and an industry-recognised qualification that will give you a competitive edge in the job market. 

ELCAS Construction Courses

What is ELCAS?

ELC (Enhanced Learning Credits) is a scheme aimed at providing members of the armed forces of the UK with lifelong learning opportunities. Financial support is provided in the form of a single, up-front payment towards the courses that you wish to study. The ELC scheme is administered and managed by ELCAS (Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services) as a part of the MOD (Ministry of Defence). Administrative support and regulating of training providers is also provided by ELCAS.

ELCAS approved NHBC Construction Courses

Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) eligibility

You must be registered with the scheme and have sufficient service to be able to claim. Funding is available to ex and serving military personnel and to those in their resettlement phase but please note that you need to be in a relevant job in order to study one of our NVQs. 

Typically, you need not less than six years eligible service since 1 April 2000 and the amount you’re eligible to claim depends on the length of service. If you have completed four years qualifying service prior to 1 April 2017 you may still be eligible.  

If you left service on or after 1 April 2016, then you can make a claim up to five years after your leaving date. If you left before 1 April 2016, then you have ten years to claim. 

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What you can claim under ELC?

With at least 6 years’ service, you can claim a maximum of £1,000 per year (in up to three separate years). With at least 8 years’ service, you are normally able to claim a maximum of £2,000 per year (for up to 3 years). The funding can be used for up to 80% of course costs. 

You can make up to three claims but only one per financial year (1 April- 31 March), however if you have served between 6 and 8 years you may be eligible to add all three years’ funding into one payment of up to £3,000. 

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The Enhanced Learning Credits Process

Step 1

Register to become a member of the Enhanced Learning Credits scheme. Choose the NHBC NVQ you’d like to register for. Our NVQ specialists are always on hand to help you choose the right course and level for your circumstances. 

Step 2

Complete and submit your claim to your single service representative (assuming you are not currently serving). To complete your claim you’ll need:  

  • Evidence of your service and, if relevant, proof of your last day of service 
  • Proof of your home address 
  • Full details of the course and your date of registration 
  • Details of any previous ELC-funded courses 

Step 3

Your eligibility for funding will be checked and, if approved, you’ll receive a Claim Authorisation Note (CAN). 

Step 4

Once you’ve received your CAN, let your NHBC NVQ contact know and they will enrol you onto the programme and make arrangements with you for payment of any outstanding programme fees (remember ELCAS only covers up to 80%). 

Step 5

Once you’ve completed your NVQ with us, you must complete the ELCAS course evaluation form. This is important if you want to claim more ELCAS funding in the future.  

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