Webinars on a range of topics

Update or refresh your knowledge wherever you are

With so many of us working from home these days, accessing virtual training online is now a key part of how we can learn and keep our knowledge up-to-date.

We offer a range of webinars covering the NHBC Standards, interpretation of different Approved Documents, fire safety, defects prevention, our warranty products and more. They’re free of charge and usually take no more than an hour. It’s bite-sized training that is highly accessible and always delivered by our experienced and knowledgeable trainers. Take a look below at the webinars happening soon.

We look forward to you joining us.

Approved Document Part B: Requirement B3 - Low Rise Fire Stopping & Cavity Barriers

29 June | 1pm (60 mins)
Chris Bruin + Tech Ops Panelist

Covers the guidance in AD Part B, focusing on requirement B3, inc. fire resistance, fire stopping for compartmentation and also provision of cavity barriers.

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NHBC Accepts

15 July | 1pm (60 mins)
Guest speaker + Richard Lankshear (NHBC) + Philip Smith (NHBC)

NHBC Accepts - Who we are, what we do, how NHBC Accepts works. Case Study from a manufacturer on how the NHBC Accepts journey was for them.

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NHBC Buildmark 2021 -
End to End Journey

20 July | 1pm (60 mins)
Sophie Setterfield + NHBC insights panelist

A guide to the NHBC Buildmark policy, the cover and the exclusions. We also look at the updates made in October 2019 and how they affect you. It will also offer an insight into the End to End Journey with NHBC

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Approved Document Part K: Stairs and handrails - Guarding, containment and and low level cills

05 August | 1pm (60 mins)
Darren Yeatmen + Technical Operations Panelist

This webinar provides an overview of Approved Document Part K, focusing on both requirements K1 & K2. It clarifies compliant design for safe stairs, handrails, guarding, and low level cills.

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