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For Buildmark warranty and insurance cover on your development

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Submitting a guide price form

To obtain a free, no-obligation estimate for one of our Buildmark policies please fill out the guide price form below for your site.

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What happens next?

Step 1 Send us your guide price request

Step 2 We will review the details and send you a guide price

Step 3 If you’re happy with the guide price, please complete a SNIN or, if your development is 7 storeys or higher, complete a Major Projects Application Form

Step 4 We will then contact you to explain all the steps involved in getting your plots registered and how you can provide details to your buyers’ legal representatives

Ready to register a new site?

If you are registering a new site with us for warranty and insurance cover, please complete a Site Notification and Initial Notice (SNIN) form.

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Need Help?

If you have any questions please call our customer services team on 0344 633 1000 and ask for ‘Customer Services’ or email

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