Major Projects

We support you on complex developments and multi-storey buildings with our specialist technical team and underwriters

Why choose NHBC warranty and insurance for major projects?

We are an experienced partner in managing development risk for major projects with specialist insurance underwriters as well as our Major Projects team available to provide expert technical advice and support for projects all over the UK. Typically, a major project is one that is 8 storeys or above. To see some of the projects the team have worked on watch our video here.

Which NHBC warranty and cover product?

Our specialist underwriting team will work with you to agree the best and most appropriate cover for your project. The warranty and insurance product(s) you need will depend on the tenure of homes being built. If the homes are to rent then Buildmark Choice is the correct product, if they’re for sale then it’s Buildmark. Any commercial units within the development could be covered by Buildmark Connect.

If your development is a mixture of tenures and/or commercial premises then you will need a combination of these products. Our Major Projects and Underwriting teams will be able to advise you.

Overview of each Policy

What to do next...

You need to be registered with NHBC to offer Buildmark warranty and cover for your new homes. If you’re not yet registered with us, please visit the NHBC registration section first. If you’re already registered with us, you can send us the details of your new site straight away.

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