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The NHBC Foundation was established in 2006 with a purpose to deliver high-quality research and practical guidance to help the house-building industry address the considerable challenges of delivering 21st-century new homes.

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Research to support the house-building industry

The NHBC Foundation’s authoritative research publications have grown over the years delivering a significant portfolio of research reports and guidance on sustainable homes, risk management and consumer issues, becoming a major resource for practitioners and decision makers across the industry.

In addition to these areas, the NHBC Foundation has more recently been giving high priority to research on the supply of new homes and work that leads to improved technical guidance for designers and house builders

The NHBC Foundation is also involved in a programme of positive engagement with Government, development agencies, academics and other key stakeholders, focusing on current and pressing issues relevant to the industry.


The NHBC Foundation’s research programme is steered by an Expert Panel of senior representatives from the house-building industry and academia. An internal management team deals with the practical delivery of the research programme and its outputs.

Objectives of NHBC Foundation research

  • An improved understanding of the performance of new homes and their systems
  • More effective advice for homeowners and occupants on the operation of their homes
  • Clarification of robust, technical options and solutions available to designers and house builders
  • More informed debate and action to address issues impacting on national housing supply.

Expert Panel

How research topics are selected

How research topics are selected

New research ideas and proposals are evaluated regularly by the NHBC Foundation Management Team. Priority is given to projects which align with our objectives and have benefits for the industry. 

How projects are funded

Research is funded by the NHBC. As a non-profit distributing company, NHBC is able to re-invest any surplus for the benefit of homeowners and the home-building industry. NHBC’s investment in NHBC Foundation research is one example of its standards-raising activity.

How the research programme is formulated

The NHBC Foundation’s Expert Panel helps guide our work and ensures that the right priority topics and research projects are taken forward.


Research reports and publications are all available free for online download.

Getting involved

Additions to the research programme are considered by the NHBC Foundation Management Team on a regular basis. If you have specific research capabilities in the planning, design, construction, occupation or performance of homes or feel that research is needed in a particular area, please let us know, there may be suitable collaborative research project opportunities and we would be interested in hearing from you.

Project selection is weighted towards practical, applied research which aligns with one or more of the NHBC Foundation’s objectives.

Submit your research idea or proposal

  • Show alignment with the objectives of the NHBC Foundation programme

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