New guide offers top tips to prevent moisture in new-build homes

5 November 2019

a cover photo of a guide to moisture in new homes

As winter approaches – are you concerned about moisture in your new home? A new guide published today by the UK Centre for Moisture in Buildings (UKCMB) and supported by NHBC Foundation gives homeowners much-needed guidance on understanding moisture in newly built homes.

Moisture is naturally present in the air and during the construction process many materials used to build your home will retain moisture. Although it is something you won’t notice, construction moisture will steadily dry out over time.

Through our routine daily life activities, we can generate quite a large amount of moisture just by cooking, showering, washing clothes and breathing. New homes are designed to manage typical levels of moisture, but it is important that the ventilation and heating systems are used correctly.

Key recommendations for residents from the guide include:

Stop moisture spreading – extractor fans and cooker hoods – where fitted – should be used whenever water vapour is being produced – when cooking, washing and drying clothes and bathing

Open windows – if safe to do so to –  let steamy air out and fresh air in

Keeping your trickle vents open – to reduce condensation.  If it does appear on your windows, simply wipe it away

Keep your home well heated – especially in cool or cold weather

Clear household clutter –  to allow for better air flow within and between rooms.

Donna Robinson, NHBC Foundation Research Manager, said: These simple day to day measures can really help residents minimise the amount of excess moisture in a new home. We need the right amount of moisture for comfort and good health – but not too damp and not too dry. This guide offers advice to help residents achieve a healthy home.’

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