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Asset protection for
Build to Rent

De-risking from the start with long-term asset protection

Your expert partner for extensive asset protection

By their nature, Build to Rent construction projects can involve a significant level of risk, with potentially major consequences for developers, investors and tenants. Financial, environmental and reputational factors all come into play – highlighting the need for a partner who understands how to effectively mitigate risk and support the decision-making processes. At NHBC, we have more than 80 years experience doing exactly that, empowering the industry to build better homes and maximise the long-term value of your assets. 

Our partnership ethos focuses on working with you from the earliest opportunity to help you deliver homes of the highest quality and value. From day one, our advice and support aims to mitigate specific, tangible risks to your projects, whilst maximising the quality of construction and safeguarding your investors’ long-term assets.

Early engagement and technical risk management

Our teams are on hand to provide technical expertise and guidance from day one. We engage early in the process to help de-risk your project.

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Land quality service

Our geotechnical and geo-environmental specialists review land intended for residential development to endorse land quality and help inform improvement or remediation work to ensure the land is suitable for residential development and meets required standards, including the NHBC Standards.

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Early design

We embed NHBC technical specialists in your design and development team to detect and work through any risks of defects or to safety. We work to ensure a design life for buildings of at least 60 years.

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Technical consultancy and inspections

We provide rigorous on-site inspections, checking for, advising on and working with the contractor on quality matters through each key stage of construction.

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Construction quality reviews

Our construction quality service offers analysis, assessment and reporting on the quality of construction being delivered on your site(s). We benchmark sites against others to give you the best view on performance and areas for improvement.

We set the standards backed by unrivalled in-house expertise

Leading the industry

We’ve been working with developers and contractors for more than 80 years to improve the construction quality of new homes. The NHBC Standards define the technical and performance requirements for the design and construction of new homes registered with us and provide guidance on how these can be achieved.

An expert team

We have our own inspectors, surveyors and construction quality specialists who support your contractors to meet the standards required. For large and complex developments, particularly high rise, we have our specialist Major Projects Team and fire-safety experts, many of whom have worked on some of the most iconic developments of recent times.

Our projects

Examples of Build to Rent projects currently covered by NHBC.

a cream and orange block of flats with modern glass balconies on a sunny day Manchester, M15 4QZ

Pomona Wharf

Pomona Phase One Ltd

Rowlinson Constructions Ltd

Nicol Thomas

Number of homes
164 (plus link block)

Tallest block
11 storeys

Gross development value

a modern, glass-fronted building with steps outside and the public entering the building Princes dock, Liverpool, L3 1DL

Plaza 1821

Peel Land and Property and The Regenda Group

Vermont Construction Ltd

Hodder and Partners

Number of homes

Tallest block
16 storeys

Gross development value

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