Land Quality Service for strategic land developers

Adding value to residential development land

A beige block of flats with trees in front of it and a blue sky behind it

Our Land Quality Certification service increases the value of residential development land by giving potential buyers the certainty that it is suitable for house building.

Land Quality Service Benefits to Strategic land developers:

Land is more attractive to potential developers

An NHBC Land Quality Certificate gives immediate assurance to a potential developer that the land is suitable for building homes in compliance with the requirements of the NHBC Standards for Buildmark warranty cover.

Adds value to your investment

Land that is already de-risked in this way will offer a greater return on your investment.

Overcome objections or hesitancy

NHBC reassurance on the quality of the land, the proposed remedial or foundation type solutions will remove uncertainty about potential technical issues, helping you overcome objections of this type.

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