Joint Virtual Meetings

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Efficient collaboration

Joint Virtual Meetings are held between your site manager, relevant members of your technical team and in-house NHBC technical specialists. Your NHBC project lead or Building Inspector will set up the meetings and invite the relevant people who, from NHBC, could include our technical building consultants, surveyors, engineers, geo-environmental engineers, members of our Standards or underwriting teams.

The meetings take place at key stages in the project and will deliver a ‘virtual team’ to work collaboratively together. You have greater access to our in-house technical experts and the opportunity to discuss design and construction issues at an early stage. We’re confident that this increased collaboration will help you build right first time; identify any areas where we can provide additional support; speed up project assessments and acceptance as well as the clearance of conditions.

Types of meetings

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For more complex projects, we also offer a Joint Virtual Meeting with a range of our in-house technical specialists. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss key design/site issues and discuss any project specific inspection requirements.

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These take place once the project has commenced and the timing and required attendees will be project-specific. For example, we might hold a meeting before a complex area of construction is started; where there have been design or site issues; or perhaps for support with clearing conditions.

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These are sometimes offered for complex sites that have planning approval but which are not yet registered with us. They will be used to discuss how the requirements of the NHBC Standards might impact the design, potential conditions and information requirements.

Technical risk management tools

We work collaboratively with you, on a bespoke site-by-site basis and from pre-construction to post-completion to help you identify and manage the technical risks on your sites. Below, we explain some of the key tools we use to support you.

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Bespoke Technical Risk Management Plan

This document records the bespoke approach we will take to mitigating the risks of defects and improving quality across the site. It will highlight risks that might require extra inspections, extra meetings and/or ‘moments in time’ (photographic evidence).

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Joint Virtual Meetings

These are meetings between the site manager, members of the builder’s technical team and our technical specialists. The attendees and frequency of meetings will vary depending on the complexity of the site.

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Quality Common Scoring

Applied to all Key Stage and Risk Based inspections, this is the same scoring we use for Pride in the Job and Construction Quality Reviews. Scores are 1-6 where 4 indicates compliance with NHBC Standards, 1 is very poor and 6 is outstanding work.

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Quality Benchmark Report

Produced for each Key Stage Inspection and where required, any additional Risk Based Inspection stages, this report will provide photos and commentary, a score of 1-6 and will highlight good practice and defects.

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Technology Assisted Inspections (TAI)

This functionality allows you to upload photographs for online inspection or re-inspection by our team, sometimes avoiding the need for an inspection visit.

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