Boiling Water Taps: Guidance for compliance with NHBC Standards and Building Control

6 September 2017

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We have recently been approached by a number of builders in respect of compliance of boiling water taps which provide boiling water via a tap connected to a small tank under the kitchen worktop.

There are three basic variants to these taps:

  • those that store water at a temperature in excess of 100 degrees centigrade
  • those that have user switchable modes allowing the storage of water at either above or below 100 degrees centigrade
  • those that store water at a temperature no higher than 100 degrees centigrade.

Taps of the type described in a) or b) above are not compliant with statutory requirement G3 (3) (a) of the Building Regulations. Requirement G3 (3) (a) limits the temperature at which hot water can be stored in a vessel to a maximum of 100 degrees centigrade. These systems provide boiling water to the tap from a tank where the water is stored at a temperature in excess of 100 degrees centigrade, hence contravening the requirement.

Where these taps are found to be installed on site, we will be unable to issue CML or Building Control Final Certificates until the issue is resolved. The only current options for this to be resolved would be:

  • Removal of the taps concerned (and replacement with a compliant hot water tap if needed to meet the minimum provision under Part G3 for heated wholesome hot water provision in areas where food is prepared, i.e. the kitchen)
  • A formal relaxation/dispensation of requirement G3 (3) (a) to be sought and gained from the relevant local authority. This would need to be done by the builder and a copy of the relaxation/dispensation decision should be provided to us by the builder.

Note that as an Approved Inspector, we do not have the power of relaxation/dispensation, so for NHBC Building Control sites, such applications must still be made to the relevant local authority.

Boiling water taps of the type described in paragraph c) above do not contravene regulation G3 (3 )(a) and continue to be acceptable.

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