3 tips to keep your home safe this summer

8 August 2018

a silver chain lock on a wooden door

When the sun is out, it’s easy to forget about home security, even though crime typically spikes in the summer. To help you keep your home safe during the summer period, here are three security tips to keep in mind.

  1. Ensure your doors are locked at all times.

While the warm weather means we typically spend more time outdoor activity, we often forget to lock the doors when we leave the house.  We should remember to keep our front and back doors locked when they are not being used, even if you’re simply going for a short jog or taking a quick stroll to your local shop.

  1. Don’t post too much information on social media!

While it is tempting to show off your summer holiday adventures by posting them on social media, bear in mind that you could be sharing the fact your home is empty with criminals. Don’t publicise the dates of your holiday as you’ll be letting would-be criminals that your property will be empty and become a prime target for an attempted break-in. Also, check your privacy settings are turned on and so only people you trust can see your posts.

  1. Invest in some home security

Houses with an alarm system are 3 times less likely to be broken into than those without one and there are also ways to appear as if you are home while away.

Some smart security cameras and doorbells include the ability to speak through them from your mobile phone regardless of whether you are inside or away. A would-be burglar could well be dissuaded from attempting a break-in if they think someone could be home.

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