Regional award winner’s marketing toolkit 2021

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Congratulations, your site manager is a Pride in the Job 2021 Regional award winner!

To help promote your win to your customers, stakeholders and partners, please use the following guidance and resources:

1. Send a Press release 

Download our ready-made template release that includes a supportive quote from NHBC CEO Steve Wood, send to regional and key trade media along with a high quality image of your site manager and / or the site they worked on.

Download template press release


2. Highlight your win on social media 

Highlight your win on social media – don’t forget to tag @NHBC and use the #NHBCPIJ hashtag. Example social media posts include:

WE’RE PROUD: [insert site manager’s name] has won an #NHBCPIJ 2021 Regional award for the [insert name of development] in [insert regional area]. Thanks @NHBC!

Our very own [insert site manager name] has been honoured with an #NHBCPIJ 2021 Regional award – he/she is among the best of the best in the #housebuilding industry. WE’RE PROUD. Thanks @NHBC!

Download template social cards


3. Promote your win using advertising.

Promote your win using advertising. The fact that your homes have been overseen by a winning site manager is something to shout about and be proud of. Don’t forget the golden rule – it is the site manager who wins the award, not the company for which he or she works, the site on which he or she works, or the site team; although everyone benefits by association.

What you can say:

“We employ three NHBC Pride in the Job Regional award winning site managers.”

What you can’t say:

“We have won nine NHBC Pride in the Job Regional awards this year.”


4. Sharing success via email

Download the Regional winners badge and your winning site manager can add this to his/her email to promote their success to their email network


5. Don’t forget to promote your site manager’s success internally

Don’t forget to promote your site manager’s success in-house via internal comms channels such as monthly bulletins and business updates.


Your resource pack

Please download your pack which includes Pride in the Job logos for use in your publicity. Please also make sure you follow the guidelines for their use.

Download resource pack


If you need any further PR support to promote your win, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our media team via

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