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Expert property data, construction statistics and housing market trends from the most authoritative sources

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Support your data strategy with expert advice

Our NHBC Data and Consultancy Services gives you access to trusted property data from across the industry. Our services support your organisation with accurate, complete and timely intelligence to help inform business decisions in the new home building and wider property construction industries.  

We can support you in three ways:

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Data Consultancy

Understand the numbers and extract quantifiable business value using NHBC’s property construction data and house building statistics.

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NHBC Residential Construction Statistics

This self-serve data portal will give you the most in-depth and complete view of residential construction across the UK – all available on demand and in an exportable format.

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New Homes Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSS)

Robust data housing market data, with large scale surveys to measure homeowner satisfaction since 2004.

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Other products and services

From training and tailored courses to NHBC’s builder register, we offer a range of services and unique opportunities to support your business development and growth. Explore our house builders and developers section to see how NHBC can help you.

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