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Technical updates

The latest information on a variety of technical issues

Latest News and Guidance

Transitional Arrangements for Approved Documents F, L, O and S - April 2022

Issue of Final Certificate or Cover Note where Kooltherm K15 insulation board is used - February 2022

Changing Places toilets provision in buildings other than dwellings - December 2020

Current regulatory and planning consultations – September 2020

Government issues new guidance on sprinklers, wayfinding signage and boundaries - August 2020

The Use of Magnesium Oxide (“MgO”) Building Boards on NHBC Warranty sites - March 2020

Recessed lighting in ceilings to intermediate floors - February 2020

Welsh Government bans the use of combustible materials in buildings over 18m - January 2020

Requirements for SuDS in Wales - January 2020

Government issues new guidance on the use of assessments in lieu of tests - January 2019

Government bans the use of combustible materials in buildings over 18m - January 2019

Magnesium oxide building boards - December 2018

Government issues advice to building control bodies on assessments of external wall cladding systems - September 2018

Governments take action to address recent fire door issue - August 2018

Building Regulations - Wales: Amendments to Part G and new Part Q coming into force 1 November 2018 - July 2018

Use of reinforcement to concrete toppings above beam and block floors - January 2018

Boiling Water Taps: Guidance for compliance with NHBC Standards and Building Control - September 2017

Land Forum National Quality Mark Scheme for brownfield sites - January 2017

Part R – Physical Infrastructure for High Speed Electronic Networks - September 2016

Part Q - Security - Dwellings - September 2016

Part B in Wales - sprinklers in new homes UPDATE - July 2016

Spotlight on NHBC Building Control - November 2015

Part B in Wales - sprinklers in new homes - November 2015

Approved Document Q (Security) and New Optional Building Regulations (Water and Access) into force 1 - October 2015

Revised guidance for combustible materials in cladding systems - August 2015

Gas boilers flues in voids safety alert - April 2013

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