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Changing Places toilets provision in buildings other than dwellings

11 December 2020

Following the Government’s consultation on Changing Places toilets, amendments to Approved Document M, Volume 2 have been released that will apply to certain buildings from 1 January 2021.

The amendments relate to certain buildings other than dwellings and require enhanced facilities for individuals with complex and multiple impairments who may require the support of up to two assistants

Approved Document M, Volume 2 Changes

The changes involve the replacement of the existing paragraph 5.6 and insertion of a new sub-paragraph 5.7(e) into Approved Document M, Volume 2. The new paragraph requires the installation of changing places toilet facilities in addition to any wheelchair-accessible accommodation in separate-sex toilet washrooms, wheelchair-accessible unisex toilet facilities and baby changing facilities.

Applicable building types

New sub-paragraph 5.7(e) lists the building types where at least one changing places toilet is to be provided, in summary:

  • Assembly, recreation and entertainment buildings with a capacity of 350 or more people and sites with a collection of smaller buildings where the capacity is 2000 people or more. This would apply to zoos, theme parks and venues for sport or exhibitions for example.
    Note: the new sub-paragraph 5.7(e) lists the types of buildings that can be defined as assembly, recreation and entertainment in the context of changing places toilets and should be consulted.
  • Shopping centres, malls or retail parks with a gross floor area of 30,000m² or more.
  • Retail premises with a gross floor area of 2500m² or more.
  • Sport and leisure buildings with a gross floor area more than 5000m².
  • Hospitals and primary care centres.
  • Crematoria and cemetery buildings.

Changing places toilets requirements

Reference is made to section 18.6, diagram 48 and annexes F and G of BS 8300-2:2018 ‘Design of an accessible and inclusive built environment. Part 2: Buildings - Code of practice’; as well as the Changing Places Consortium campaign website (www.changing-places.org) for layout and equipment requirements.

This includes facilities such as a WC, hoist, basin, adult-sized changing bench and optional shower. For any building type listed in paragraph 5.7(e), referenced guidance will need to be reviewed to demonstrate compliance.

Commencement and transitional provisions

The changes will apply to any initial notice given on, or after 1 January 2021, and to any initial notice given before this date where the works do not start before 1 March 2021.

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