Management of lifting operations course

Training course overview

The purpose of the training is to give an overview of the health and safety issues to consider in the management of lifting operations, in particular compliance with Regulation 8 (Organisation of Lifting Operations) of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER). This course is ideally designed for principle contractors or contractors who predominantly undertake the ‘contract lift’ option when carrying out lifting operations. 

On completion of the course and after assessment of their individual competence (refresher or initial course), the candidates should be able to manage lifting operations safely onsite following company procedures. 

Who should attend

This course is for any Principle contractors and contractors who use lifting equipment onsite via a ‘Contract lift’ agreement. Contractors, project, site and assistant site managers or similar roles.

Why choose NHBC?

Gain an understanding the regulations

Gain an understanding of the application of the regulations and British standards regarding lifting operations on site.

Understand your duties and responsibilities

Be clear on duties and responsibilities.

Understand the risks

Understand the risks associated with various items of lifting equipment.

Recognise the need for competent personnel

Recognise the need for competent personnel for all areas of the lifting operation.

What you will learn

  • Common accidents in lifting operations 

  • How to comply with legislation 

  • Best practice procedures in BS 7121 

  • How to document relevant lifting operations 

  • The requirements of the appointed person for planning and organisation, and the crane supervisor 

  • Types and selection of lifting equipment 

  • How to conduct a risk assessment 

  • Principles of crane stability and structural strength  

Course details

Course pricing

In-company £1,495 10
In-company (virtual) £1,420 10

Prices are exclusive of VAT

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