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Hear from Nicole Muzwaba

“I help protect people, who have spent so much money on their property, to achieve the standards they deserve and that is very rewarding.”

Hear from Nicole Muzwaba
Nicole Muzwaba
Job Title
Customer Experience Consultant
What does your current role entail?

Claims is very diverse but my main role is in the handling team. I ensure homeowners are happy with the repair work they have had completed.  I deal predominantly with claims already validated under warranty, cash settling for full work or liaising with contractors, arranging alternative accommodation, paying invoices, ensuring complaints are managed in time amongst others. I am the main point of contact with my customers which I love.

What does your day-to-day look like?

As above but during very busy times, my team will jump in with other teams experiencing high workloads to help them manage high call volumes. This could be in any of the various Claims teams.

How well supported do you feel?

Occasionally, the work can be overwhelming but, on the whole, everyone works together as a team to cope with the workload.  I have received lots of training and my manager is hugely supportive and understanding.  I have a long-term health condition and accommodations for my situation are in place for when I experience flare-ups.  This has really helped minimise any triggers for my condition and I hugely appreciate this support.

Is there anything you particularly love about your role?

I love my strong ‘family’ team.This is not just my direct team but the Claims function as a whole

What is your highlight from your time at NHBC?

My whole journey at NHBC has been great. My background was in banking so I had no clue about buildings or structural experience etc.  Looking back on how little I knew, especially having never owned my own home, and seeing the expertise I now have is a real highlight.  This knowledge has also helped in my personal life and I’m often sought out by family and friends to give technical guidance.  The other main highlights are the team-building activities I have enjoyed.

What would you say to someone considering a career at NHBC?

I would advise them to consider what they really want.  NHBC is a good place to work with a supportive and friendly environment.  People here are happy to help you and there is an opportunity to learn a lot.  However, the work is challenging and requires resilience, you need to be able to switch off.

What makes NHBC a great place to work?

Definitely the people, the culture and the opportunity to learn new things and grow personally and professionally.

What career opportunities have you had whilst with NHBC?

I have not really looked as I really enjoy my job and the support from my team and manager.  In the future, I would be interested in training others to do the job as I feel my skillset and personality would be well suited to this type of role and I feel confident this is something I could pursue at NHBC.

Anything else you want to add?

My role is one where knowledge of construction is built up over time which helps me do my job well.  Women should not think this is a career just for men and it is important we remove any stigma around roles involved with the construction industry.  Personally, I do not go out to build properties but I have knowledge that helps protect people who have spent so much money on their property to achieve the standards they deserve and that is very rewarding.

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