Diversity at NHBC

NHBC is committed to increasing the number of our senior manager roles led by women to 45% by 2025. When we signed up to the Charter in 2016 we had 33% female representation. As at September 2019 this figure is stands at 35%, as at 2020 the figure has declined slightly to 31.25% .

The population of senior managers is relatively small sitting on average at 32 roles. Since 2016 the number of senior roles has fluctuated between 30 and 36 roles. Similarly, the % of these roles held by women has swayed between 31% and 39%. It is also important to note that overall trend of increasing women in our senior roles is positive and that at Executive Committee level we have achieved a 50:50 equal gender split.

To help us achieve our target we:

  • Enhanced and equalised our approach to maternity/paternity/adoption leave and pay. We believe that we are the first employer in our local area of Milton Keynes to take this progressive step.
  • Insist when using agencies to recruit our roles that all longlists are gender balanced.
  • Operate a blind recruitment approach for all roles by redacting information that could inform a manager’s unconscious bias eg name
  • Introduced an “always happy to talk flexible working” approach across all of our business and have removed the statutory barriers of only be allowed to make one flexible working request in a 12 months period and the prerequisite to have 26 weeks service prior to any request being made. Our employees are encouraged to request work pattern changes as they need it: if the business can accommodate, we will.   We are working hard to get this right and are finding it is easier to achieve in some parts of our business than others, but our goal is for flexibility be our norm.
  • Announced a holiday buy scheme where all employees can buy an additional week’s holiday, if they need to. This benefit had a 18% take up rate across the business but was particularly popular with our female employees with 1/3 buying holiday v 1/10 males
  • Launched a Women@NHBC network with a focus on personal development. Sessions have included for example “Confidence with networking” and “Being present in a virtual world”
  • Actively celebrated International Women’s Day and took part in the global #eachforequal global campaign
  • Proud to be the lead sponsors and, for the 4th consecutive year, have a finalist in the Milton Keynes Women Leaders Awards.
  • Established an Executive Committee member to be the executive sponsor from the business to actively support our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.

NHBC is striving to increase the number of our senior manager roles lead by women to 45% by 2025.

This statement is based on the 2020/2021 financial year.