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The Use of Magnesium Oxide (“MgO”) Building Boards on NHBC Warranty sites

31 March 2020

This guidance applies to all MgO building boards.

NHBC will not accept MgO building boards on buildings where the foundations are begun on or after 30 April 2020 under its insurance warranty. In these circumstances, alternative suitable building boards, compliant with Technical Requirements R1 and R3, should be specified.

Where MgO building boards have already been, and are currently being, installed on buildings, you should use an alternative product if it is practical to do so. If it is not practical to do so and this is demonstrated to NHBC, NHBC may at its sole discretion, continue to issue its warranty cover on those buildings (providing all other parts of the installation are acceptable) provided the NHBC Warranty Certificate is issued by no later than 31 December 2020.

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