NHBC Apprenticeship training hubs

Our purpose-built facilities immerse apprentices in a realistic working environment and get them ready for life on site

a photo of a cement mixer at one of nhbc's training hubs

Our training hubs are a crucial part of our bricklaying apprenticeship programme. Next to live working sites, they provide a realistic environment for our apprentices to learn their craft. Locations have been chosen for their proximity to a large number of active home building sites.  

Our programmes are front-loaded with the first five weeks spent at one of our Hubs where our bricklaying apprentices learn core practical skills as well as health and safety practices. This means they are ready to return to your sites able to contribute and already used to an outdoor working environment.  

Each hub has a large outdoor concrete slab where apprentices can build substantial structures.

training hub locations

Why complete an apprenticeship with NHBC?

three people stood on site in site safety clothing

Realistic experience

Apprentices will construct to size examples with all features incorporated, providing them with a real life working environment and experience to start on site.

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Get the right skills

Well-trained, highly-skilled staff add value to your business and NHBC’s apprenticeship scheme is designed to meet the specific needs of home builders.

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Attract the right people

Offering an NHBC apprenticeship is a fantastic incentive to potential applicants, enabling you to choose from the most enthusiastic and dedicated young people.

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Make a difference

Actively invest in the future of the construction industry and provide a rewarding and long-term career.

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Increase productivity

As well as combatting the industry’s increasing skills shortage, almost 9/10 employers state that they benefit from hiring apprentices, with 'improved productivity and higher staff morale.'

a photo of two people in site safety clothing completing some brickwork training

Increase satisfaction

One of the key benefits of apprenticeships, is that they help organisations keep employees motivated and committed for the long-term.

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Government funding

You may use UK government funding to provide 95% of the cost of training and assessment for your apprenticeships.

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Highlight your commitment

81% of consumers favour companies that employ apprentices so take full advantage and showcase your commitment to the scheme.

Courses available at our hubs

Find out more about the Bricklaying apprenticeship course we offer at our Training Hubs.

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