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Hear from Alison Garner

“NHBC is by far the best company that I have worked for.”

Hear from Alison Garner
Alison Garner
Job Title
Head of Customer Services and Chair of our Women's Network
Customer Services
What is your current role?

I joined NHBC as Head of Customer Services in September 2018. I am also the Chair of our Women’s Network.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the scope of the role and the fact that the Customer Service team is pivotal to the success of the company. My role is inherently involved across all areas of the business and every day brings different challenges, from new systems to developing and implementing our Consumer Duty strategy.

How did you get involved with the Women’s Network?

I was always a keen supporter of the network and had lots of ideas on new topics and areas that I felt needed to be covered. As I had been an active participant in the network since joining NHBC, when the previous chair left the business in 2022 I was asked to take over the role.

What is the main purpose of the network and how has it evolved?

The original network was the Senior Leaders Women’s Network. I have expanded the scope and opened it up to make the network available for all women across NHBC.

In fact, it’s a network for everyone in the business, not just for women. Wherever possible, I try to cover subjects that our male allies will find informative and that will help them to gain a better understanding of their female colleagues, team members and family.

The Women’s Network is dedicated to providing a platform for women to connect, share, learn and grow. Through mentorship, education and collaboration, we strive to break barriers and create a world where every woman can achieve her full potential.

What is the importance of having the Women’s Network and other networks (Proud, Race Equality and Enabled) in NHBC?

To be a successful company everyone needs to have a voice and to be heard. The networks provide colleagues with a safe space to discuss topics and ask questions in an inclusive environment. They also allow topics to be shared across lots of different teams, many of which are remote.

The work our networks do allow everyone to bring the best version of themselves to work every day. People should always be their authentic selves and creating the space for conversation and learning removes barriers across the business.

What would you say to prospective candidates, particularly women, thinking about a career with NHBC?

NHBC is by far the best company that I have worked for - very open to employing the right people for roles. Everyone is employed on their own merit and if you are ambitious and self-driven, then the sky really is the limit.

Is there anything more you would like to add?

As an older employee I have not seen or felt any discrimination towards me. I feel that I am recognised for my experience and the value that I bring to the company. NHBC really is a place to work for everyone and has values that are representative of everything that NHBC is.

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