Employee Interview

Hear from Georgina Nelson

“I am part of a supportive and friendly team with skilled professionals and management that are authentic in wanting me to succeed and progress.”

Hear from Georgina Nelson
Georgina Nelson
Job Title
Complaints Handler
Consumer Affairs
Tell us about your NHBC journey.

I started at NHBC in September 2021 in the Consumer Affairs team as a Complaint Handler.  I had worked previously for 15 years with Santander in their complaints function.  I was very good at my job but there were no real challenges for me anymore and this is what prompted me to move. My brother works for NHBC and he recommended I apply.  My first application was not successful but a few weeks after my interview, I was contacted and offered a job which I accepted. I had thought this would be a similar job to the one at Santander but soon learned how different it would be. I certainly met with the challenges I had wanted and soon found there was so much more to handling complaints at NHBC. I am now one of NHBC’s Vulnerability Champions and taking on more complex and diverse cases as my knowledge and expertise grows, such as corporates cases, shared ownership cases etc.  I feel there is still lots to learn and more opportunities to grow professionally in my current role.

Do you feel supported in your career development?

I am part of a supportive and friendly team with skilled professionals and management that are authentic in wanting me to succeed and progress.  They are accessible and helpful.  My manager encourages me to step outside my comfort zone and for 2024, I am being supported to shadow other roles in different functions to learn more about NHBC and to see if there are any other areas that might interest me in my career progression.

Why have you chosen to work and stay at NHBC?

It is all about the people and the challenging work that can be so fulfilling.  No two days are the same.  I love my job and I’m happy to stay and continue to learn more and more. 

You must have seen a lot of changes take place in NHBC. What is the most notable?

The growth of the employee networks and the quality of the events they organise.  Last year a fourth network supporting disability inclusion was added and this was great to see.  There seem to be more opportunities to engage and connect with the rest of NHBC, for example the Let’s Connect Days which were so much fun and all the charitable and volunteering activities Our Communities puts on. This wasn’t happening when I first joined.

What is the highlight of your time at NHBC?

I was asked to be a reverse mentor (a six-month programme where people mentor senior managers).  I was matched with the Senior Regional Director.  Although nervous and not sure what to expect, it was a great experience and we have remained in contact even after the programme finished.  This is the highlight of my career with NHBC so far.

What would you say to someone considering a career at NHBC?

This is a great place to work but be prepared to earn your money – there’s a lot of work to do!

How do you feel about your current role and NHBC now?

I have no desire to move roles at this point in time as I am still learning, adapting and growing, which I love.

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