Hear from Natasha Kalyan

"I saw the apprenticeship with NHBC and thought it was a great opportunity – it was a chance to get qualified and learn on the job. "

Hear from Natasha Kalyan
Natasha Kalyan
Job title
Trainee Building Control Surveyor
Technical Operations

We spoke with Natasha Kalyan, Trainee Building Control Surveyor to find out about her, her new role and the degree she is undertaking as part of her apprenticeship with NHBC.

About Natasha

Natasha joined NHBC in April 2023 after spotting the opportunity online in January of the same year.

After completing a degree in Media Technology and Film Studies in 2007 she relocated to Bedford and worked for a graphics company. Natasha also worked for the NHS for six years and then a technical clothing company. Eventually she began working for her father, a draftsman, who taught her how to use AutoCAD, and so took her first tentative steps into the construction industry.

Natasha explained “I saw the apprenticeship with NHBC and thought it was a great opportunity – it was a chance to get qualified and learn on the job. I had some previous experience in planning permission and building control but increasingly I wanted to learn more about the technical side of things in the field and earn a qualification to really establish myself on a career path, and, of course, give me options in the future too.”

Getting qualified

Since October 2023 Natasha has been working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Building Control Surveying at Wolverhampton University as part of her role as a Trainee Building Control Surveyor.

The degree involves remote learning online combined with intensive weeks at the university for lectures. The qualification is fully supported by NHBC who provide ongoing training as part of the role.

Natasha shared “It’s still early days but I’m already enjoying learning all these new things. At the moment we’re getting dates and things planned in and I expect it will be challenging and a bit of a juggling act alongside the day job, but I think it’s normal to find things a little bit daunting at the start of a four-year qualification.

NHBC has really supported everyone and put people at ease. The company have been very good at breaking down the role and explaining exactly what it includes. The exposure I’ve had has allowed me to understand more of what is involved and give me a bit more confidence; I’m already getting a lot out of the experience.”

Would you recommend this route?

We asked Natasha if she would recommend an apprenticeship with NHBC, she said “I would definitely recommend this type of opportunity to anyone who wants to become a surveyor. It’s hard work but an amazing chance to get into the built environment - an invaluable ‘foot in the door’. As you get the real-world work experience and a qualification at the same time it really is the best of both worlds and it’s an investment in yourself and in your future career”.

Looking ahead

Committing to a qualification is a big step but can offer long-term career prospects and personal development. We asked Natasha what her career plans are.

She said “My goal is to become an Assistant Surveyor, but I know I’d need a few years of experience first. Once I’ve completed my degree, I want to continue to develop my skills and expertise and become more confident and knowledgeable in the role. I think whatever point you are at in your career it’s important to keep developing professional skills and to be open to new opportunities.

NHBC is an excellent place to be in terms of long-term career opportunities as it is involved in so many different aspects of house building; for example, further down the line I may consider other opportunities in the sector, such as in innovation and research.”

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