Proud Network Chair Robert Watson

The purpose of the network is to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues to help drive an inclusive workplace at NHBC

Proud Network Chair Robert Watson
Robert Watson
Job title
Principal Technical Building Consultant
Technical Operations


Robert began his career at NHBC in 2015, straight from university where he had studied architecture. His first roles within the company were Graduate Technical Officer, then moving on to become a full Technical Officer in NHBC’s Standards and Technical team.

After a few years, Robert moved over to the Operations team as a Principal Technical Building Consultant. As part of this role, he assesses the design and construction of complex high-rise buildings for warranty compliance. This involves reviewing the design and specification for areas of the construction such as basement waterproofing, façade systems and roofs. Robert is also the Chair of our Proud Network.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love that I have a meaningful impact on the quality of new build properties. I get a sense of achievement that I reduce the risk of defects occurring on one of the biggest life investments that someone has made.

How did you get involved with the LGBT+ Network?

When I began working at NHBC, I felt that there were no LGBT+ role models in the company that I could look up to. In 2019 I approached our HR team to see how the company could better support and champion LGBT+ staff. From this, the LGBT+ network was soon born.

What is the main purpose of the network and how has it evolved?

The purpose of the network is to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues to help drive an inclusive workplace at NHBC, ensuring all our colleagues are treated with dignity and respect. We offer support to our LGBT+ colleagues to enable them to bring their whole selves to work and empower allies to speak up and advocate.

The network has grown steadily since 2019, sponsoring Milton Keynes Pride Festival several times, holding internal events showcasing personal experiences and acting positive change to company policies.

What do you think is the importance of having the network and other networks within NHBC?

The employee networks bring many benefits to NHBC in addition to just raising awareness.

These groups have created safe spaces where employees can bring their full self to work and be proud that differences are celebrated.

Visible role models are now evident across the company which I would hope are inspiring those who are less confident.

The networks also provide new opportunities for colleagues to get involved, branching out from their usual roles, networking with others across the company at all levels, and helping to build leadership skills.

What would you say to prospective candidates thinking about a career with NHBC?

If you are looking for a rewarding career with potential to grow professionally in a supporting environment, NHBC is the place for you.

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Employee Networks

One way we are moving towards a more inclusive workplace is through Employee Networks. Employee Networks are groups of employees who share characteristics or life experiences. The networks encourage employees to bring their whole self to work and help to create an inclusive work environment in the organisation.

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