Construction Quality Analysis

a photo of someone using a modern, white laptop to analyse data

Benchmarking and identifying opportunities to improve quality

NHBC statistics represent a unique source of detailed up-to-date information on new home construction and the house-building industry.

Armed with this information and/or regional-specific data as well as the inspection and potential claims records we hold about your current and past sites, we can help you identify best practice and opportunities to improve quality.

You tell us what you want help with and we will look at our extensive data to provide you with the independent analysis and benchmarking you need.

We can design a bespoke analysis package, tailored to your requirements. Example parameters include:

  • build stage
  • specific time period
  • geographical location
  • build type e.g. conversion, high-rise, low-rise, modern methods of construction
  • trade orientated e.g. rendering, plasterwork & dry-lining, bricklaying etc.
  • manufacturer/product orientated e.g. cavity trays, fire-stopping

Output can be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation of slides with photos, report format or both.

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