Construction Quality Reviews

two people in site safety clothing standing on scaffolding while looking at the development

Independent, expert help on site quality

A Construction Quality Review (CQR) is an independent, site-based review of the quality of your construction, undertaken by one of our subject experts. The CQR can be generic in nature, assessing up to 38 build stages or, it can be completely bespoke to your specific requirements such as focusing in on a specific build area.

Each CQR includes a detailed written report. We can also compare the data we collect from your site against your whole company performance and/or against national or regional industry data.

The focus of any CQR is to understand how levels of quality (both good and not so good) have resulted. Our experience to date is confirming that the root cause of many issues on site can be traced back to factors such as design, planning, materials or procurement. Often, it’s not just about workmanship.

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