Bespoke Workshops

a photo of attendees at a NHBC forum discussing the way NHBC approaches their projects

Mixed disciplines working together to solve quality issues

We can provide an expert to help facilitate a bespoke construction quality workshop or even a regime of workshops. We’ll work with you to plan the content of the workshop which can be delivered as EITHER a follow-up to any construction quality reviews we’ve undertaken on your behalf OR on any construction quality topic you request based on an analysis of your own and/or our industry-wide data.

The workshop can be orientated towards a design, site construction, supply chain or mixed-discipline audience - whatever you need to achieve maximum benefit from the day. Together, we will decide in advance the objectives you would like to achieve but typically we use these workshops to look at:

  • what areas your business is achieving well in and making sure you’re implementing this best practice as widely as possible
  • a thorough look at areas where you’re experiencing issues with quality, looking at the causes of errors or defects and working with your delegates to find practical, implementable solutions.

We’ll follow up with a written summary of the day outlining priority focus areas, root causes and high-level actions/solutions identified, providing invaluable feedback.

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