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Last year NHBC announced its first-ever apprenticeship scheme aimed at developing the next generation of much-needed house building talent, and to enable it we became an Education and Skills Funding Agency-approved provider.

The aim of the scheme is to support the sector as it faces an ongoing skills shortage which has been compounded by the ongoing pandemic. 

 NHBC apprenticeships are delivered by the company’s Training team whose qualified tutors have decades of construction and coaching experience between them. 

We know it is challenging for the industry to get the right number of people into certain roles, so we are making sure that the key elements are covered, and everyone involved gets the apprenticeships they need, rather than a generic model.

Here are seven questions you may be asking yourself if you are keen to join us on the scheme:

  1. Does house building provide a wide range of career options?
    Absolutely! From land sourcing, town planning and environmental work; surveying in all its forms, new home design; the practical hands-on trades such as bricklaying or plumbing; through to construction site supervision and management; there are so many ways to build a career in this exciting industry.
  2. Who can do a house-building apprenticeship?
    House-building apprenticeships are available to anyone aged 16 and over so whether you’ve just taken your GCSEs, are still studying or you’ve already been working for a while, an apprenticeship could be the perfect next step for you.
  3. Is house building for me?
    You might have family or friends in the industry or you may just find the idea of being involved in the creation of new homes exciting. Either way, it’s always best to try and get an idea of what working in your chosen sector is really like. If you don’t already know someone working in house building, see if you can secure some work experience or visit a new homes development and ask if you can book in a few minutes to speak to the site manager there.
  4. National house builder or local firm?
    It really depends on what sort of apprenticeship you’re after and which type of role in the industry you’re aiming for. The larger, house builders will generally offer a wider range of apprenticeships including trades, commercial, technical and even higher or degree apprenticeships in things like quantity surveying and site management. Smaller, more local house builders will mostly focus on helping you learn and develop a practical trade through an apprenticeship in bricklaying, carpentry/joinery, plumbing or electrics. Research potential employers. Do they have a reputation for producing good quality homes? Do they sound like a company you would like to work for?
  5. Which apprenticeship provider?
    Your employer may already have links with a training provider who will work with you and your employer to provide the learning and assessment elements of your apprenticeship programme. At NHBC we offer two apprenticeship schemes – Construction Site Supervision and Bricklaying. These have been created specifically for the house-building industry in conjunction with national house builders and delivered by trainers who have years of experience. Make sure that your apprenticeship training provider offers something similar.
  6. Is it practical?
    When choosing where to study and work, think about the practicalities. Can I get there ok? What hours will I be working and studying? What is the salary? Although the minimum wage for young apprentices is lower than national minimum wage, you need to consider that you are learning on the job, whilst earning and without incurring university tuition fees. Think about your future earning potential once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, is that attractive?
  7. Am I a good fit?
    Apprenticeships work both ways. You need to demonstrate that you have the qualities your apprenticeship provider is looking for, that you are prepared to work hard to complete your apprenticeship and are ready to take the next step in your career. Similarly, does your apprenticeship provider and employer have core values that appeal to you, does the environment they provide match your ambition and drive? Check what the entry requirements for your chosen apprenticeship are? Are they achievable?
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