Speaker spotlight: Mark Farmer

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What to expect from the Government’s MMC Champion at NHBC’s Building for Tomorrow conference 

Mark Farmer is a long-time advocate of Modern Methods of Construction and works closely with colleagues in the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to shape and influence policy in this area. 

Farmer says we have made “significant progress in seeing MMC elevate itself up the agenda” and will be using his keynote speech at the upcoming Building for tomorrow conference to talk about the next steps in MMC’s “journey to maturity”. 

Farmer will be one of more than 30 speakers at the Building for tomorrow conference, which will be hosted virtually for the first time in its three-decade long history. 

Speaking about the future of the industry, Mr Farmer said “you will continue to see new disruptors enter the [MMC] market”. This will include “new entrants from international home markets who are bringing the best practise from their own core markets to the UK”. He believes “there’s always a place for international collaboration” and “if we can take that learning and make that work in the UK” and create more British jobs, then that is the “ideal situation”. 

Building for tomorrow “is a really important debate about where the homebuilding industry is going”, said Mr Farmer. It “gives that platform to talk about issues” ranging from “consumer quality and protections” to “complex buildings, decarbonisation” and MMC.  

“All of these things are parallel debates that we need to have in an informed way with all the important stakeholders in the industry coming together to understand what it means about how we have to evolve the way we build new homes”. 

These are just some of the insights Mark Farmer will be sharing at Building for tomorrow, which will be taking place virtually from 23 to 25 March 2021. The conference will cover five key themes: new homes quality, change and safety; climate change; modern methods of construction, the future housing market and beyond; high rise. Attendees will be able to attend as many sessions as they like because of the new digital format. 

Building for tomorrow 2021

Building for tomorrow 2021, was our three day online event for everyone involved in home building, we took a dive into all things MMC. How MMC can help the industry deliver housing volumes, what are investors looking for, how do we ensure quality and what lessons can we learn from past NHBC claims and previous attempts to deliver factory-built housing?