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NHBC Accepts - Ultrapanel Building Technologies Case Study

NHBC Accepts is our comprehensive review service for innovative products and systems. 

As an active supporter of safe and sustainable new methods of construction, products, systems and materials, we're using our scale and expertise to help build confidence in innovation.  

If you see the NHBC Accepts logo, you can be sure that we have rigorously assessed that innovative product or system and that we consider it can meet our robust standards, giving confidence to developers, investors, lenders and homeowners. It also demonstrates that, subject to appropriate design and installation, the product or system can be used in homes covered by an NHBC warranty.

In general, the service enables quicker assessment of a home for warranty and reduces the risk to the builder of delays in their project.

Andrew Thomson, Design and Development Director at Ultrapanel Building Technologies talks through its newly-launched ‘room in the roof’ system and the benefits of NHBC Accepts when it comes to innovative new products for the housing sector…

“The Ultrapanel ‘room in the roof’ System is a brand new precision engineered product that was created to meet the demands of volume residential housebuilders.

The Ultrapanel system helps reduce delays on site, due to the speed of the build, and the eradication of the need for cranes on site.

The completely offsite manufactured, panelised roof and gable wall system can be used to create a ‘room in the roof’ on traditional masonry or timber frame residential housing.

It takes just one day for a team of three to build, only requires a two-week lead time and does not require a crane to be on site, just a telehandler.

The system is designed to receive a traditional masonry brick or block and render cladding to the external face of gables, and a traditional or lightweight roof tile finish.

The Ultrapanel system is formed from patented interlocking hybrid panels supported by prefabricated timber and steel composite beams (eaves, ridge, valley and intermediate) used to complete the roof structure.

To form the roof and wall structures, cold-formed steel clips join adjacent panels together and steel tie bars anchored at the eaves span the roof structure to provide lateral stability.

The system, from offsite roof manufacture experts Ultraframe, can accommodate steps in the roofline between adjacent houses with lightweight façade finishes applied to the external face of the gable wall above the lower roof.

Roof windows, GRP prefabricated chimneys, GRP prefabricated dormers and windows in the external gable wall can be included for use with the system Adjacent roofs in semi-detached or terraced configurations are structurally independent and separated.

New, innovative products are being developed all of the time and helping the sector deliver more, high quality new homes.

We have enjoyed working with the NHBC Accepts team over the past year and would recommend the acceptance scheme to others in the industry.

For us, an NHBC Accepts certificate demonstrates that our product has been thoroughly reviewed by the team, in turn giving confidence to prospective buyers.”

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NHBC Accepts

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