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Build continuing business value using our construction insights and new-build property data

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Unparalleled data on the latest home-building activity across the UK

Our data is updated daily through our risk management processes, captured by our building inspectors during visits to every active construction site registered with us, including houses and apartments. Leveraging our unique market position and the scale of our on-site presence, we deliver timely construction insights and house-building statistics, including detailed property attributes, to support your business.

Quality Data for NHBC customers

Boost your business with NHBC's smart data tools. Our system puts all your important info in one place so you always know how you're doing. With our custom options and automatic updates, you'll save time and make better decisions, fast.

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Accurate and relevant

Measure your performance against your targets and benchmarks to fulfil your business objectives.

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Use NHBC’s versatile data feeds to integrate our data into your own systems and reporting solutions.

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Tailor-made dashboards and data solutions crafted to meet your unique business requirements, enhancing decision-making efficiency.

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Embrace automation freeing up valuable time to focus on generating insights and strategies from user-friendly dashboards.

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Use data visualisation to simplify complex data, giving you a clear view of performance and progress towards goals.

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Most up-to-date data

Access the latest insights with data points updated daily, ensuring you're always informed with the most current information for agile decision-making.

Market data

Get quick overviews on trends or detailed insights from respected data sources. A powerful way to glean insights that can lead to identifying opportunities for improved performance quality, cost, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

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Volume and output statistics

Construction output and activity from the UK. Includes total numbers of sites and plots registered, started and completed as well as the nature of construction amongst a range of measures.

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Property attributes

Get valuable insights on the nature of the properties under construction including Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) categories, home and tenure types, number of bedrooms, as well as other detailed intelligence and accurate data.

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Construction activity

Gain an accurate understanding of scale, build-stage progress activity down to plot and block level across the country to make informed decisions.

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Most up-to-date data

Data points are collected and updated daily allowing you to get access to the most up-to-date information.

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Delivery frequency defined by you

Intelligence and reporting built around your timelines, with a monthly or quarterly delivery frequency to suit your needs.

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Segment by region or full UK

Drill down into the information that matters to you with the ability to view data by region, or get the complete picture with all UK data.

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