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All you need to know about applying to join our register

Joining the NHBC register

You can apply to register with us either as a builder or a developer. An NHBC registered builder can build and sell homes with the benefit of NHBC warranty and insurance cover such as Buildmark. An NHBC registered developer can only sell homes with our warranty and insurance cover where they have employed an NHBC registered builder to build the homes for them.

Anyone registered with us will need to comply with the NHBC Rules.

To get started you need to apply for an application pack. You can do that here when you’re ready. In the meantime, you may want to find out more about the application process and the costs involved. 

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Application process

Costs of Registration

When you apply there is an initial one-off application fee. Once registered with us there an an annual renewal fee.


When you apply there is an initial one-off application fee. Once registered with us there is an annual renewal fee. Please be aware that every plot registered will have individual warranty fees.

Application fee

When you apply for registration there is an initial one-off, non-refundable fee of:

*Fee Tiers Excluding VAT Total Amount
New Builder £1,175.00 £1,410.00

Subsidiary Builder


£816.00 £979.20

Note: Companies under the same ownership and controlled by the same directors may be 'grouped' and be treated as a single entity for warranty Premium Rating purposes.

Annual renewal fee

Once registered with us, your annual renewal fee will be payable in April each year. The fee is based on the number of homes you registered for warranty during the previous calendar year.

More information

Buildmark warranty fees

Our standard warranty fees for new builders and developers will apply for each new home you wish to register with us. This fee is determined by the estimated sale value of each new home for new-build or conversion properties. For any properties being constructed for social housing on behalf of a Housing Association it would be determined by the overall contract price and net development cost.

Save on future warranty fees with premium rating

Due to our Premium Rating scheme the warranty fees you pay over time should reduce. Our Premium Rating scheme offers an increasing discount subject to your claims history and the time you’ve been registered with us. The better your claims history (compared to our national average) and the longer you've been with us, the more you'll save.