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NHBC Training: Spotlight on Redrow's Brad Lines

At NHBC, we are passionate about using our expertise, knowledge and experience to support the development of the next generation of house builders. We’ve created our apprenticeships with input from senior colleagues across house building to ensure that they meet the needs of the industry. Our fully qualified tutors use their own construction and training expertise to fully support and develop apprentices.

We spoke with 21 year-old Brad Lines of Redrow, who is on the Trainee Assistant Site Manager course to find out about his experience completing an NHBC Apprenticeship…


How are you finding your apprenticeship Brad?

I started my NHBC apprenticeship in February 2021 and have so far found it extremely rewarding. It is hard work and there is quite a lot to juggle but overall I have found the last few months extremely enjoyable.”

What is your background?

“I began my career working as a site apprentice carpenter for just over two years, which involved roofing, first and second fixing. I then moved to Redrow and have been here ever since; I love it.

“A career in construction has always appealed from on-site activity, learning and development and also the management side of things.”

How are you finding the assessment procedure?

“Although the virtual learning is not the same as face to face, the process of undertaking the apprenticeship has been really well run. I like learning at home and the NHBC assessors have been very knowledgeable and have guided myself and the other apprentices seamlessly through what we need to be doing – all while remaining professional and helpful. I have to say I am looking forward to hopefully having some in-person sessions when the time allows.”

Would you recommend an NHBC Apprenticeship scheme to others?

“I would definitely recommend the NHBC Apprenticeship to anyone with an interest in construction, new homes or further education. It is a great way to learn and provides a really good balance between learning and hands-on activity which will ultimately further my career.”

And finally – as one of the youngest NHBC apprentices - what is your overall dream career-wise?

“I am very keen to become an assistant site manager and hope that what I’m currently learning will help me on my journey. So far, so good – fingers crossed I am able to keep up this progress.”


NHBC’s Industry Training Manager, Josh Golding added: “It is great to hear of Brad’s progress and we look forward to training more builders of the future who will commit to high standards throughout their careers. Our apprenticeships provide a first rung on the ladder, along with a solid understanding of the issues and opportunities facing the industry.” 

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