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Identifying your business needs

Joining the world of apprenticeships represents a real commitment by the employer. Apprenticeships can last for up to five years so it’s something you need to consider – ensuring it is right for you, the apprentice and the wider business.

Once you’ve identified the business need and confirmed that you have the resources to employ an apprentice, it’s time to speak to NHBC as your preferred provider. NHBC will then work with you to find the right candidates, courses and run through all the details to make sure you know exactly what to expect, your responsibilities and the benefits on offer. You may already have a candidate in mind or may be looking for some help in finding the right person, either way, NHBC can help.

Partner with NHBC

If you decide to partner with NHBC for your apprentices, you will be getting keen, motivated members of the team, and you can be confident that they will get the training they need to add value and succeed.

Expert knowledge

NHBC supported apprentices benefit from the knowledge and experience of the NHBC who have successfully supported the home-building sector for over 25 years.

Real-world experience

All NHBC’s apprenticeship training is developed in partnership with the building industry, taught by a team with decades of real-world experience.

Grants available

Levy-registered employers can apply for grants for each apprentice's attendance and achievement throughout their course.


You should also explore what funding is on offer, as different subsidies and grants are available for different sized organisations. You will need to understand if you are required to pay a proportion of the training costs for the apprentice, called a levy. 

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Apprenticeship resources

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Apprenticeships handbook

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Safeguarding and prevent guide

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Grants and incentives for Apprentices