Consumer Code approved by Chartered Trading Standards Institute

20 December 2018

a woman happily unlocking her front door after receiving the keys to her new home

The Consumer Code for Home Builders has been approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI). The Consumer Code is now a fully approved code sponsor after completing the CTSI Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS) process.

Home building is one of the largest industries ever covered by a CTSI approved Code, and has undergone particularly robust scrutiny as a result.

Being a CTSI code sponsor gives home buyers added confidence that the Code is robust and meets the high expectations set by CTSI.

CCHB Chairman, Noel Hunter, said:

“The detailed inspection completed by CTSI offers considerable assurance that the Consumer Code is sound, both to home buyers looking for support, and to builders and their agents seeking to improve standards.”

In order to secure CTSI approval, the Code was independently examined by experienced auditors who were looking for evidence that the Code can influence and raise standards across its membership; monitor compliance and has appropriate measures to respond where non-compliance is found; that there is access to an independent dispute resolution scheme for any complaints raised with a member that isn’t resolved; and that the Code can keep pace with changing market and industry practices and expectations.

The auditors’ findings also confirm that the Management Board of the Code is committed to raising the awareness among consumers to the protections the Code provides. CTSI Head of Client and Commissioning Sue Steward said:

“Buying a new home can be a stressful experience. The Consumer Code for Home Builders provides essential reassurance for new home buyers that their rights are protected and that they can seek redress should a home builder fail to meet the pre-sales, purchase and after-sales requirements set out in the Code. Through our assessment, the Consumer Code has demonstrated good governance and fair practices, and we are confident in the Code’s approach to supporting consumers.”

You can find out more about the Code here.