Employee interviews

Find out what our employees have to say about working at the NHBC

Product Management Project Manager

Madeleine Warsop

"I think it's brilliant that NHBC is willing to support and invest in its staff."

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Claims Operations Manager

Laura Venn

"I feel valued and receive recognition for the hard work that I do, and I'm supported in doing the same for my teams."

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Technical Competency Manager

Ryan Forshaw

"It's quite a progressive organisation so there are always new challenges to meet which can lead to great job satisfaction."

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Regional Director

Hazel Adamek

"I enjoy working for NHBC because of the people and the opportunities to develop yourself and to progress."

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Customer Experience Co-ordinator

Phoebe Browne

“The ‘stand outs’ for me are the living out of our values, my supportive working environment and the many opportunities to grow.”

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Head of Customer Services and Chair of our Women’s Network

Alison Garner

"NHBC is by far the best company that I have worked for"

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Trainee Building Control Surveyor

Natasha Kalyan

"NHBC is an excellent place to be in terms of long-term career opportunities as it is involved in so many different aspects of house building"

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a woman in a black jacket looking off-camera
Senior Building Inspector

Yvonne Patzanza

"A collection of individuals who at certain times have helped me"

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a photo of stefan szymoszowskyj smiling at the camera
Senior Structural Engineer

Stefan Szymoszowskyj

“Working at NHBC is the best job I’ve ever had. It’s a great place to work and if you have the right attitude and work ethic you can go far”

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a man in a black shirt smiling at the camera
Platform Change Manager

Taz Johal

"I've had lots of opportunity to grow my career"

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Principal Technical Building Consultant

Robert Watson

"I approached our HR team to see how the company could better support and champion LGBT+ staff. From this, the Proud network was soon born."

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a photo of fleur stevens smiling at the camera
Customer Service Advisor

Fleur Stevens

“There is a lot to learn and I am learning everyday with the help of my peers around me.”

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a photo of paul beddall in a suit looking at the camera
Inspection Manager

Paul Beddall

“I recommend NHBC to everyone, including my family. The company treat you well and support your career aspirations.”

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a photo of sarah tarn smiling at the camera
Building Inspector

Sarah Tarn

“If you’re thinking about a career with NHBC, then go for it. There are so many opportunities waiting for you as soon as you step through that door!”

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a photo of tyrone gharibi in a shirt and tie smiling at the camera
Building Inspector

Tyrone Gharibi

“I feel very supported in my career development. I have found that any desire for self and career development is met with positivity and guidance on how to achieve it”

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a photo over the shoulder of someone holding a tablet
Inspection Manager

Jonathan Watkinson

“Being an Inspection Manager is so rewarding. It allows for personal growth and development as well as helping those who I manage to progress on their own career path”

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Senior Technical Building Consultant

Mark Redfern

“NHBC gives you support and training from day one and is a great place to work. There are plenty of opportunities within the organisation to grow and attain new skills”

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a photo of richard edmunds smiling at the camera
Inspection Manager

Richard Edmunds

“My current role is really pushing me to grow professionally. It has been great to learn so much in a short space of time and to foster relationships with colleagues across multiple departments”

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a photo of two people on site wearing site safety clothing
Commercial Building Control Surveyor

Chris Peoples

“I joined NHBC with a degree of nervousness but from the get-go I was made to feel welcome and valued. I wish I had done it sooner!”

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a man smiling at the camera
From Customer Services Temp to Service Transition Manager

Ashley Snowdon

"I love being able to recruit someone who has limited experience of software testing, and then help to create and support their personal development plans."

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a blonde woman smiling at the camera
Senior Test and Quality Analyst

Sandra Barr

"I’ve made so many good friends over the years. Some still work for NHBC, but I also meet up regularly with friends who have moved on to other things."

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a man in a grey shirt smiling at the camera
From Assistant Building Inspector to Head of Claims (Technical)

Paul Cribbens

"love the teams I work with and the people in them. We have a great culture in the Claims department where we encourage open and honest discussions without drawing unwarranted criticism."

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a woman in a white shirt and black jacket smiling towards the camera
Commercial Building Control Surveyor

Hannah Howells

"if you would like to work for a company that has a large cross-section of roles and responsibilities, then, NHBC is for you!"

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a man in a black shirt with a beard smiling at the camera
From Warehouse Assistant to Compliance Analyst

Tim Batson

"I’ve never worked for a company with such a committed group of employees and strong sense of community."

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a woman in a beige shirt and black jacket smiling to the right of the camera
Area Technical Manager

Karen Thornton

"My job is challenging but rewards daily. No two days are ever the same and not one day goes by when I don’t learn something new."

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a man in a white shirt and black jumper smiling at the camera
Principal Geo-Environmental Engineer

Gavin Allsopp

"I enjoy the variety of work and sites I get involved with."

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Complaints Handler

Hear from Georgina Nelson

“I am part of a supportive and friendly team with skilled professionals and management that are authentic in wanting me to succeed and progress.”

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Customer Contact Advisor

Hear from Kelechi Innocent

“There is a good culture in Customer Services where I feel included and where I quickly felt that I belong and blend in.”

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Customer Experience Consultant

Hear from Nicole Muzwaba

“I help protect people, who have spent so much money on their property, to achieve the standards they deserve and that is very rewarding.”

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