January is a great time to make any lawn repairs

9 January 2019

someone in red wellington boots pushing a pitchfork into the ground

If we are lucky enough to get some mild weather this month, it will provide the perfect opportunity to lay a new turf or make any lawn repairs, such as tidying up ragged edges and evening out hollows and bumps.

To make a repair to a hollow in your lawn, make a ‘H’ shaped cut in the turf and peel back the grass. Either fill the hollow with loam or peel back the grass as before and scrape away any soil from a bump, then re-lay the turf, press it into place and pinch the cut edges together.

January is also a good time to repair lawn edges, especially around flower and shrub beds, using bits of turf cut from other areas of the garden.

Finally, if your lawn has suffered dieback from being walked on during the wet, muddy season, then it may be worth considering laying stepping-stones in the affected areas to allow easy access across it without causing damage.