How to re-pressurise a sealed central heating system

25 November 2019

a woman reading a manual while adjusting a setting on her boiler

Some central heating systems have a small header tank, usually located in the loft, and will not need re-pressurising. Other systems, known as ‘sealed’ systems don’t have a header tank but instead have a pressure vessel, either inside or close to the boiler, along with a pressure gauge. If you have this type of system, sometimes you might find that the pressure drops.

The manual for your boiler should tell you what the correct pressure should be. It should also give instructions on how to re-pressurise the central heating system.

Overflows and warning pipes…

If you notice water dripping or flowing from an overflow or warning pipe, you should identify the cause without delay. It may indicate that a valve has developed a fault and needs attention.

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